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Our Commitment to you

  • DMF Living Soils is committed to soil correction using natural composting techniques and a soil food web which employ beneficial micro and macro-organisms such as beneficial bacteria, fungi, and earthworms. 

  • We are committed to providing the home gardener, homesteader, landscaper, or farmer with the necessary tools to build and maintain living soil using the soil food web and composting techniques.

  • We offer consultation services before and after purchases to ensure each customer gets the full benefits from DMF Living Soils products.

  • It is our goal to empower every person with the products, knowledge, and skills to be successful. 

About us

Who We Are


Dr. Robert Waldrip, MD

President and CEO of Desert Mirage Farms

Dr. Waldrip has been operating under Arizona State licensing cultivating hemp since 2018. His involvement in the industry includes research of the hemp plant to maximize cannabinoid development.

Cultivation is not new to Dr. Waldrip. He grew up on his family’s farm in Klamath Falls, Oregon, where they began cultivating brewing barley in 1945. The Waldrip family has also been in the Yuma area since 1949  cultivating citrus and alfalfa.


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Marble Surface

Marc Petein, MD

Partner and CFO of Desert Mirage Farms

  • Born and raised in Brussels, Belgium.

  • Moved to the University of Minnesota for research in 1981 after obtaining MD and Cardiology Licenses. After four years of research and teaching, moved to Arizona and back in Private practice in 1985.

  • Retired from patient care in 2019 but remains legal and financial consultants to the practice.

  • Joined Dr. Waldrip and Desert Mirage Farms in 2019.

  • Nationality :    Dual.  United States and Belgium.

  • Languages :    English, French.

  • Occupations :  Desert Mirage Farms, Vice President and CFO

  • Cardiac Care Consultants, P.C., Administrator consultant.

  • Physician. Cardiology Specialty. Retired from practice.


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David Marchuk

Chief Agronomist

David Marchuk was born in Long Beach, California and grew up in Somerton and Yuma, Arizona. He attended Cibola High School and Arizona Western College and is a University of Arizona Master Gardener. 


David served 10 years in the United States Air Force, has been married to his wonderful wife for 11 years, and has 5 beautiful children.

God, People, Farming


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Alan Finfrock

Cultivation and Sales

Alan was born in Yuma, Arizona and raised in the small rural town of Wellton, just due east of Yuma. He is a 39-year-old father of three and is driven by a deep passion for growing.

He uses his experience in organic growing practices including composting, vermicomposting, cover cropping, and probiotics in living soils to bring the best and cleanest products to you.


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