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Our Soil

    Since 2017, DMF Living Soils has been Yuma County’s premium producers of composting and gardening products.

   Our goal at DMF Living Soils, is to supply homesteaders, landscapers, small farmers as well as commercial farms with a unique blend of soil and soil amendments. We also provide education about soil health and organic farming.

    Our Products include Red Wiggler Worms, Organic Worm Castings, Worm Tea as well as other amendments for all your growing needs. 

    We specialize in everything composting for the start to finish. Worm Castings is a fertilizer that is a byproduct of our worms. This substance is high in both nutrients and beneficial microfauna. Castings are pH neutral and can be used for diverse soil types. They also contain cocoons that promote the colonization of earthworms throughout the soil.

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