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Worms & Worm Products

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Red Wiggler Worms

At DMF Living Soils, we know worms. We specialized in harvesting the finest worm castings available to Arizona. We take pride in breeding Red Wiggler Worms from the beginning, starting with our egg hatchery all to a mature composting worm. DMF Living Soil’s worm castings provide a natural, chemical-free alternative to breaking down waste while fertilizing soil. Our worm castings are the perfect product to improve soil health in all environments and current soil issues. 


Our worm castings are the best option for organic farming and correcting soil deficiencies. Beyond breeding these waste-eating machines, we also use them as helpers to create soil amendments known as vermicompost or worm castings along with worm compost tea.

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Worm Castings

Organic worm castings are famous for repelling pests and helping plants grow and absorb nutrients under challenging conditions. Unlike chemically treated soil designed to support one harvest, worm castings provide healthy bacteria that enriches the soil, creating an ongoing sustainable fertilizer. Organic worm castings increase the health and fertility of the soil. By increasing health and fertility in the soil, you will see the following benefits, 

  • Microbial life improves.

  • Improves water retention. 

  • Increases yield and size of crops

  • Helps to control pests


We produce our castings in "wedges," where about 10,000 worms are fed a weekly dose of 1-2" of compost. As they feed on compost and more is added, they eat through the wedge and leave behind coveted castings or poop, which are harvested and offered for sale. All castings are boxed fresh daily to ensure you take home active microbes.

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Worm Compost Tea

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We brew our microbially rich worm casting tea that can be added to the soil to promote plant strength, treat mild deficiencies, fight off pests, inhibit disease, and reduce plant shock. While creating this liquid gold, we combine fresh castings, Humic Acid, and Fish hydrolysate are just a few ingredients. We suspend the castings in water and pump air into it for 24 hours, making those amazing microbes quickly reproduce a tea your plants will happily drink. We brew fresh compost tea daily available to purchase at DMF Living Soils. 


Our high-quality worm tea can be customized to meet individual needs, targeting specific issues. We offer on-site consultation as well as offer mobile tea sprays for large farms and home gardens.

Mobile Worm Tea Spray

Interested in worm tea spray at your home?

Click on the little worm and find out more.

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